Saturday, September 12, 2015

Out and about

Summer is finally over and we need to get back to the cold rainy days of Autumn. Guess you know my special needs about the season coming. I hate the heat and sometimes I can't wait to get into long sleeves and jackets. There were some days in Italy when the weather was just perfect. I found myself wearing leather vests and leggings like summer was already gone. So, here are some pictures of my outfit I took in a very calm and dark park that afternoon. I know some of the clothes are just being repetitive but hey, I was still a know.
Back to Italy, back to brown hair. 

Wearing :
* L.O.G.G checkered shirt under the NIRVANA tee
* H&M shorts 
*Buffalo shoes (agaaaaain and agaaain)
*OVS leather vest 
* Bershka leather bag 

Heartagram nails and Henna tattoo. 

Such good times! 
In a few days I'll be participating in a very special event dedicated to design in Albania called "Tirana Design Week" . I guess I will be very busy on working but I can't wait to start though. So stay tuned for some new design projects.
Visit this page for more information of the activities :

Wishing you the best,

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