Monday, August 24, 2015

Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life!

So yesterday, I had one of the most exciting days ever! I went do visit the well known EXPO 2015. I'm feeling very lucky to be here in Milan at this period of time only for this! Expo 2015 is the current universal expostition hosted in Italy. The last time Milan hosted the exposition was in 1906. It is held every 5 years in different countries. This year, the main theme was : "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life!" Every country of the world had it's own pavilion to show their food and diet and how this things relate with technolodgy, traditions, culture, creativity and art. 

Here are some fragments of my experience! 

The first thing I saw was a special show called "The spirit of chinese brushwork" . Loving their amazing work of arts and traditional design. I also brought some of their drawings home. :) 

Italy and their art of creating a new "Madonnina" only for Expo. 

Parts of Duomo cathedral.

It's funny, I know...
Irish time. 

Czech republic

I was wearing :
* LC WAKIKI long floral dress
* Blue Converse All Star
* Bershka leather bag 


The pavilion of Brasil was so very exciting! We had to walk on this huge web to arrive inside the gallery. 

Brasilian interior design

Angola. One of the pavilions I liked the most!


Belgium. Atomium.
Belgian chocolate.
Growing plants and feeding fish at the same time.
Belgian interior design.
On the road to another pavilion.
Corea's pavilion was really special. Coreans are really good in mixing technology with art to make you understand how important is to choose eating wisely. 

Over using. 

Corean design and fashion.

Cows are sacred.
Cote D'Ivoire
China, here we go!

China really had a great show! We walked around the gallerie full of their typical umbrellas and paintings. Then we found ourselves into a cinema when we watched a short animated film about love, family and traditional food. 

Welcome to the beehive of England!

Spain pavilion and and the ceiling full of bottles of wine.
A room full of  plates in colorful lights.


Well, you know how irresistble is the german beer!

Pavilion of Qatar was also amazing!

I also made a Henna tattoo there! 

Expo by night.

The United States!


Russia! Russia was the place of fun. There was a party and people drinking Vodka coctails all night.
The whole day from the morning until night, ended with the show of "Tree of Life" . 
You can find the full video of the show on my personal facebook account :

Well, this was almost my day at Expo but for sure I visited a lot more and tried different food from the whole world. For more pictures of my days here in milan you can also add me on snapchat by the name : Kurisu667 
Hope you enjoyed my longest post ever!


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