Saturday, August 22, 2015

" L'arte milanese "

The second day brought me to heaven, like literally. If you ever have the chance to visit Milan do not just visit around the famous "Piazza Duomo" and that's it. If you are also more interested of art and architecture, you should propably get inside the magnific cathedral. Speaking as a fan of gothic art, you will be just amazed of every dynamic and beautiful detail, for that I can assure you! I had to take hundredes of stairs to get up there but the view was totally worth it. Enjoy the pictures!

"Duomo of Milano" is a cathedral dedicated to St Mary of Nativity. This cathedral is built in italian gothic style and it took nearly six centuries to complete (1386 - 1965). It is also the second largest church in Italy and the fifth in the whole world. Duomo is 108 metres high and 92 metres wide.

I was wearing :

* Sex Pistols tee
* Polo checkered shirt
* Esmara shorts
* Buffalo shoes 
* Bershka leather bag 

A little piece of "Piazza Duomo" seen by the top of cathedral.

Finally on the top!
"Madonnina" , a baroque gilded bronze statue

This building just owns my heart. 

From the inside.

The plan consists of a nave with four side-aisles, crossed by a transept and followed by choir and apse. The height of a naive is about  45 meters and the columns are 24.5 meters high. 

* * *

Via Dante
 Now it was about time to visit another old, interesting and important building of Milan. I'm talking about the "Sforza Castle" .

It was built in the 15th century by Francesco Sforza, Duke of Milan. After renovated and enlarged in 16th and 17th centuries, it was one of the largests citadels in Europe. 

Torre del Filarete

Old citadel map
Then we had to walk down the roads of this large and very relaxing park. We really had to walk a lot today. Milan is such a big city! 
Arco della Pace

Arch of Peace or "Porta Sempione" 
Visiting such places once in a while is all you need. I will also go to visit the famous EXPO these days so don't forget to visit the blog more often. I will be posting more and more! :D 

See you!


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