Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ordinary day

"This is just an ordinary day...wipe the insecurities away..." etc. This words are taken by a song which has always inspired me years after years. There's something so positive in each sound and phrase that makes me want to move on and be grateful to anything that surrounds me. Well, yeah...this is just an ordinary day when I shot some random pictures after long hours of lessons. I had to take my camera with me to photograph a school project so I used it after school for myself as well. It was a decision of the moment so...why not?

I was wearing my favorite Burbery shirt. I truly love the famous pattern of Burbery covering the collar of the black shirt. 

Then there was my comfy skort which has the look of a skirt but behind of it are hidden a pair of shorts. Now anyone can tell how much I adore the quadratic patterns in any kind of clothing, it's almost in every outfit of mine. I also tried to add the most popular color of the latest trends nowadays: Mustard! I guess the tights in this color lie in harmony with the rest of the outfit.

Just to remind you how mild is the winter in here too, I was just wearing my inseparable black leather jacket. Not even cold enough to wear sweatshirts or coats. In addition my black leather boots are the right ones for the rainy days and go well with the whole look.

"I can see that the darkness will erode, looking out the corner of my eye..."

"I can see that the sunshine will explode far across the dessert in the sky!"

"This is the beginning of your day. Life is more intricate than it seems. Always be yourself along the way, living through the spirit of your dreams!"

  "Beautiful girl, won't you be my inspiration? Beautiful girl, don't you throw your love around..."

I really hope you guys liked my post and outfit details. I'll be posting soon pictures about the Christmas atmosphere I feel around. Stay tuned and thank you for visiting!