Saturday, December 6, 2014

Antique is the new Cool!

After our visit in Kosovo, the main plan was getting home and getting ready for the new week but...then, there's my dad always surprising me with his extraordinary ideas! He expressed his wish to visit the capital city of another country now: Skopje, Macedonia. He knew that in the last four years Skopje has changed a lot by the new monuments, buildings, bridges and historical figures giving the city a classical appeal. I was the first one who was super happy to go even though I was very tired of those three days of activity. 

After hours of driving we finally arrived at night to the "promise land" . 
This is the first picture I took. I didn't even know what I was expecting!

* Ministry of  Foreign Affairs building

* Financial police buiding

* Art Bridge

Loved this one!

Since I study a subject about the history of Architecture, now I know better what to recognize when visiting places or buildings. Lately I have learned more about the architectural orders whom I have projects to do. This trip helped me watch them closer and make it clearer and clearer in my mind. 
PS: Ionic order. lol

* Justinian I Mosaic , North of Stone Bridge

*National Theatre

Lovely couple going to a fancy ball! 

* Skopje fortress

* Stone Bridge 

* Alexander the Great of Macedon

* New city hall

* "Warrior" by Tsar Samuil 

* Porta Macedonia

The main reason given by the government for the necessity of the project was to give Skopje a more monumental and visually pleasing image it once had before an earthquake destroyed everything in 1963. That was a catastrophe who brought withing 80% of the city including most of the neoclassical buildings.

 The next day I woke up by this peaceful view of Struga where I've been a million times since I was a little girl.  There I took time to take some pictures of myself for the days before no one had the time to keep the eyes on me. lol

Hope you liked this post. Skopje is a must for anyone to be visited! 

Thank you for reading!
 I' ll be posting again very soon! 
See ya! :D

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