Friday, June 26, 2015

Reportage Photography

Hello guys! As you can tell, I'm passing all these latest days learning and working for my finals. Not so many presentations and exams to take and I'll be finally free for my summer vacations! Well, for as long as I've been studying I have left the blog so behind. But now you know that every exam season I pass, I will be posting more school projects. 

Starting and finishing with the Photography subject... The last and more important project of the subject was the Photo Reportage. This photography genre, usually refers to historical events, chronicles and everyday life. It's purpose is to show a little story without adding words of history. It is necessary to wait for the right time and capture the moment. 

The first exercise was based around Tirana. Each one of us had their own impressions and stories behind the photographs. I, myself was more focused on the artistic parts of the city including : Architecture, graffiti, music, paintings and lifestyle down the city. I'm not going to tell any other word so just enjoy this album! :D

* * *

The last and most important homework is here to come. Now we were all free to choose on what we were going to focus. I chose the Puppet Show! 
This reportage is called "Dolls with no children" 

It is called this way for you'll find yourself at the rooms of this theater, on the scene and you will also be part of an invisible audience. We are already used to the phrase "Children with no dolls"...but no "Dolls with no children". Here it is what happens at the Puppet show where there are no children, no one. 

Hoping you enjoyed the atmosphere and liked my work. Don't forget to comment below and give your own opinion. Love reading your comments!

PS: Just to let you know, I am part of a architectural photography contest at the page Kontakt Shpk on facebook . I have sent some pictures of mine focused on Albanian architecture. If you like my picture, click "like" so I can get more votes to win the contest!

Thank you very much!

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