Friday, May 15, 2015

Eyes like a shutter, mind like a lens.

 Days have gone by and I have collected many projects to show. Every Wednesday we take different lessons and we got so much to learn. I have to mention that except the fact that we learn how to take good pictures, we also get to know more about the Photography history and evolution. I have known many famous photographers of all time and learning more and more about their special techniques, ideas, styles and their way of expressing and making art by using their artistic soul and a camera. 

One from the projects was about the four portrait lightning patterns every photographer should know.

1. Split Lightning

Just like it's name, it splits the face into equal halves with one side being in the light and the other one in the shadow. Often used to create dramatic images. Mostly used for musicians and other artists portraits.

2. Loop Lightning

It is made by creating a small shadow of the nose on the model's cheeks and another shadow on only one side of the face. Don't forget that the shadow of the nose and the shadow of the cheek do not touch! 

3. Rembrandt Lighting 

It is called Rembrandt because the painter used this pattern of lights in his paintings. This lightning is identified by the triangle of light on the cheek. The shadow of the nose and the cheek do meet here. Rembrandt lightning is more dramatic, it creates a darker feel to the image. 

4. Butterfly Lightning

Butterfly Lightning it is named for the butterfly shadow that is created under the nose. It is mostly used for glamour style shots because it creates shadows under the cheeks and chin. 

And that's it! :) 
Photo Model : Lorigela Karaj 

The other project was about a "Still Life" photography. We had to photograph little objects to create a good composition which hides an idea or a clear thematic. 

I chose the "Ocean" ...

This was my so called Lightroom and work place. 

And the final image:

I have always adored the messages in the bottle so here I tried to create a little short story anyone might read it in a different way. I have watched many movies and cartoons I know... I wrote "Breathe underwater..." inside the letter totally inspired by the Placebo song with the same title. Have always been a sea lover since I was a child. "I wish I was a mermaid" has been the chorus of my childhood. How funny is that? haha. 

Landscape Photography 

When I was in Vlora a couple of weeks ago I shot some landscape photography as a sea lover again. Here are some of the stages of sunset. 

The End of Sunset stages.

I took another "Black&White" one the next morning from another sea shore: 

And the last one was from the wonderful forest of Llogara: 

Here I'm done with the projects. I'll be posting the next ones very soon so stay tuned. :) 

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