Thursday, December 29, 2016

The bridge between me and everything...

Hello guys! I decided to write one next page from my traveling diary. This time I was visiting another city called Kehl in Germany. Kehl is in southern Germany located on the river Rhine opposite the city of Strasbourg, France. It is only one bridge away from one country to one another. Isn't it great? Things that make me think stuff like : Is that all there is? This simple?

Inspired by such places, the difference of weather and the envirement around had also made go deeply in my thoughts. Life is all about this huge bridges after all...You just have to be sure which one you choose to be happy. But first you need to pick some of them just by chance so you can try how it works and taste the feeling you get. By letting it flow naturally, you will finally know what it is hidden there, no matter what you have heard before. Go for it! Travel in time and space and explore. Grow differently everytime you have the chance. Find another perspective and walk through that damn bridge between you and everything. It is healthy for your mind!

The Rhine Bridge

How are your holidays going? 
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Kehl, Germany 2016

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