Friday, February 26, 2016

"Golden phase"

Are you ready to see my latest fashion design sketches? Sure, you are! This time using some super powers to bring up a new trend inspired by whatever we enjoyed ourselves the most. I didn't think it twice but immediately chose to create a collection inspired by the sparkling and heavenly paintings of the god of golden art : Gustav Klimt! He was a symbolist painter who was most influenced by Japanese art and it's method. Guess you have noticed my obsession about japan culture and also golden details and symbols so yeah, Klimt was all I could wish for. This thing up is my Mood board dominated by the portrait of Adele Bloch - Bauer. One of my favorites after "The Kiss" , "Death and Life" , "Hygeia" etc. 

After focusing on the key words which are very important I started sketching. 

So this was my outfit collection but we are not over yet! Another thing, part of the project, was designing an accessory or a cloth and then create it and make it real. I decided to design a scarf. Made some sketches before choosing the right one. 

To be continued...

Yeah, I'm not done here. These days I'll be posting also my handmade scarf so stay tuned to see it's final design and realize what fabrics and materials I have used.

Hope you liked this collection and thank you very much for your attention. Love reading your comments!


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