Thursday, July 9, 2015

Illustration of Edgar Allan Poe's : Annabel Lee poem

I had this graphic illustration final project for my drawing classes. Each of us was free to choose what was going to illustrate. I chose one of my favorite poems of the extraordinary poet, Edgar Allan Poe. It was such a hard work when creating your own characters , imagining all the scenes according to Poe's words and putting myself into that tragic story.  I have used different techniques by experimenting day by day. Anyway, this is my first graphic illustration and I know there will be more others soon because I by this project I have realized I adore so much this design genre. 
Enjoy the story! 


Hope you liked my drawings! Let me know by writing a comment down there! :D 

Happy Summer holidays! 


  1. nice ! nga dikush qe ka degju dhe version audio te vepres ne fjal :P