Saturday, November 22, 2014

Found shelter.

Where to start...You may ask yourselves why am I choosing "shelter" as the main word for this post. I guess it's because it sounds so delicate but warm enough to keep me safe. It's the only word that perfectly describes my latest days. It's amazing when you get to know that your life has just started to follow the way you had been dreaming for ages. It's so nice when at the end of a fulfilled day, you notice your feet hurt to death, your batteries are low but your eyes sparkling from an inner joy. This is how my days are passing everyday. I wake up early every morning with a terrible desire to stay in bed and never wanting to start the day but then after the hours pass I think to myself how stupid I was that morning for wanting such thing! I could've I missed it?! It's all about the lessons I'm taking at school everyday. I always find myself interested at those stuff I have to get is all about Art, drawing, creating and everything. If home is where my family is, this new life containing all these subjects is my new warm shelter. 
Besides, I have just made a new friend who I admire. Everyone would admire her though...I'm so glad we're in the same class and always having a good time. She's a passionate photographer above all! What could I even ask for more?! This beautiful girl is part of my photoshoot and my new shelter too! 

Mild autumn stays mild if we only act like forgetting about some terrifying days full of rain and thunder which I don't prefer to talk about. So, let's say I also found shelter at the first rays of a warm sunny day which I might miss very soon. 

I was wearing a black woolen cape which also gives the idea of a protective shelter from the cold winter days that are about to come. I get to wear it rarely for the blame of the weather in here which is usually transformed from a warm fall to a freezing winter with no intermediate season. But anyway, for the day it was perfectly affordable and it looked so nice with my scottish patterned skirt, green tights and the comfy grey boots. 

                        Love love this green but fake bow. Cuteness overload! 


Here's to my beautiful days, to my favorite season, all the happy moments and the new friendship!

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