Sunday, January 24, 2016

Gothic fashion designs

Hello guys! This time I'd like to show one of my fashion design projects I've been working on this semester. We were told to draw some fashion design sketches inspired by another kind of art or anything. There were many ideas going through my mind but the first thing I was thinking about was a project based on a "Throwback" of Victorian style. I was trying to bring out another modern rhyme of this style but then I got confused by wondering of Gothic architecture. Yeah, you know how much I love it! So, according to these inspirations I made my own studies and picked the most important details of Gothic architecture and turned them into clothing sketches. 

Key words : 
1.  Grand, tall designs
2. The flying buttress
3. The pointed Arch
4. The vaulted ceiling
5. The light
6. The Gargoyles
7. Rose windows 
8. Dark details 

And here I go : 

I have enjoyed this project a lot for the main reason that it also fits a lot with my fashion taste. I have also been very careful in copying special details of the cathedrals and turning them into patterns. The main fabrics are leather and tulle and accessories such as the cross and floral decorations captured by the rose windows Anyway, there are many other projects I will be sharing soon so stay tuned!
PS: Show me your opinion. Love reading your comments!